Resin Driveway Ideas

Let your imagination run wild with our fantastic range of resin bound driveways that are both beautiful and functional.

New Resin Bound Driveway Designs

Driveways need to be functional and beautiful, but few driveway materials meet the expectations of the homeowner. Typical driveway designs are limited to straight edges, use unsightly materials such as concrete, allow weeds to grow through, and have few if any, colour and texture options.

However, resin driveways tick the boxes that homeowners are looking for, improving kerb appeal, reducing maintenance and allowing the imagination to run wild.

Resin driveway ideas and more plentiful than those made from concrete, brick or paving. You can create additional parking spaces by curving into areas that were previously off-limits. A stone resin driveway can flow and turn around planting areas or ornate trees that you wish to keep.

If you have an existing driveway, then you will be delighted to know that a resin driveway can be laid over concrete or asphalt. This reduces cost and the aggravation of demolition.

Resin bound driveway colours

The palette of colours and textures of resin bound driveways is almost endless. Your ideal resin driveway idea can use one or multiple colours. Colour options include shades of brown, grey, black, green and blue, along with muted shades of orange and red.

You can choose a custom colour to match the existing brick or stone colour scheme of your home or contrast against these.

Resin bound driveways consist of naturally sourced quartz, shingle, gravel and crushed granite set in an organic resin. Different combinations of these aggregates and different sized stones create different textures that can be unique to your property.

Durable and practical resin driveway ideas

Resin driveways are hard wearing and slip-resistant. Permeable resin bound driveways absorb surface water, so there are no drainage issues such as puddling. Water is also able to travel to tree roots, opening up many planting ideas.

You do not planning permission for a resin driveway, and these are more environmentally friendly compared to concrete.

Resin driveway company

Our resin bound installers and resin bound specialists are ready to help you find the perfect resin driveway idea. Contact Staffordshire Driveways today on 01543 229143 or email for a quick and simple installation of your new resin driveway.


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