Common Driveway Repairs & How To Avoid Them

A correctly and professionally installed driveway should not need driveway repairs for decades. However, heavy traffic and extreme weather can take their toll, leading to driveway repairs.

The proper approach to prevention and repairs is crucial. Here we look at the most common driveway repairs and how to avoid them.

Potholes And Cracks

Excessive weight can cause surfaces to crack or pothole. To avoid driveway repairs resulting from cracking or sinking, you should discuss your usage expectations during the free site survey and ahead of the quote for your new driveway. Suppose you know that heavy vehicles will use the driveway. In that case, the contractor will adjust the thickness of the surface and its foundation and add an appropriate amount of reinforcements and metalwork.

If you already have a driveway that is developing cracks, tackle the driveway repairs as soon as possible. The longer you leave the problem, the worse and more expensive it will become. Some surfaces can be patched, others need segments cut out and replaced, and you might need driveway resurfacing in the worst-case scenario.

Cracks in tarmac driveways can be tackled using various methods. The approaches include asphalt repair tubing, which is forced into the crack and then melted with a torch to fill the gap. Mop-on asphalt sealers contain a resin and can be applied to tackle spider cracks without using heat.

Cracks in concrete driveways can be filled with polymer crack filler, with more significant cracking tackled with foam pre-caulking rods and a repair sealant.

Drainage Issues

Standing water will ultimately lead to future issues and surface degradation. Non-permeable driveways, such as concrete imprinted or tarmac driveways, will require a slight gradient and drainage works to ensure their longevity. Alternatively, modern materials, such as resin bound driveways, are permeable and allow water to soak away through the surface without any adverse effect.

Weed Penetration

If your driveway shows any sort of damage, it is prone to weed penetration. Damage such as cracks should be tackled straight away. The area should be cleaned, filled, and then sealed to prevent future damage and weed incursions.

Oil And Grease Stains

It may be impossible to avoid oil and grease from dripping onto your driveway from standing vehicles. However, always use an absorbent mat to soak up drips if you are carrying out vehicle maintenance.

If your concrete driveway becomes stained, specialist microbial cleaners can be highly effective. These cleaners can be in the form of a dry powder, which you sprinkle over the surface and leave for several weeks. During this time, the cleaner pulls out the stain. It can then be washed away if the rain doesn’t naturally do this for you.

Surface Crumbling

Resin bound driveways can crumble if experienced professionals do not install them. Using driveway installation experts is vital to prevent issues caused by using an incorrect resin-aggregate ratio or installation undertaken when the humidity is too high or rain is forecast.

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