How To Make The Most Of Your Small Driveway

Not every home has space for a grand driveway that would put a country home to shame. In fact, for most of us, we have a single narrow opening for accessing the available space. The space might have room for one or two vehicles at the front of the home or have a single car-width running down the side of the house, possibly leading to a garage.

The restrictions might well be fixed, but this does not mean that you can’t make the most of your small driveway. With our tips, you can maximise the functionality of your space and create a design and aesthetic that you might have thought was impossible.

Using curves

Don’t limit your driveway design to only straight lines and 90-degree angles. Curves can be your best friend and not only add design interest and soften the aesthetic but can provide space for a second car, with both having access to a single entranceway or gate. By taking a more fluid approach to the shape of the driveway, you can save time by not having to move cars around and add greenery in more exciting ways.

Find The Right Materials

Materials need to give you design freedom while retaining durability, function, and longevity. Tarmac is one choice, and it brings a neat, uniform look with its traditional black colour. The tarmac can take on any shape, angle, or curve. Creteprint is pattern imprinted concrete, and this joins resin bound driveways as a material suitable for drives of any shape and size.

Cohesive Driveway & Paving

Your surface work does not end with the driveway and can include paving and pathways to create a cohesive design. Once again, you can opt for your preference of straight or curved when you design your driveway.

Creative Patterns

Your creativity becomes unrestrained with resin and imprinted concrete with a wide choice of colours, textures, and patterns. Resin allows you to select different aggregates and colours, making borders, paths, or patterns that contrast against the driveway’s colour.

The imprinting technique used with Creteprint driveways lets you create any pattern, from aligned blocks to spirals and arcs. You get the look of a genuine expensive paving stone without the cost or maintenance hassles. So you’ve never have pull weeds from the cracks.

Planning Permission

If your driveway is smaller than five square metres, then you will not need planning permission. Which is a nice advantage for smaller driveway owners. If larger, you’ll either need permission, or you can opt for a permeable (SUDs compliant) solution to forgo permissions. Resin bound driveways fit into this category.

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