5 Things To Consider When Getting A New Driveway

The prospect of a new driveway is exhilarating, and while the aesthetic is likely at the forefront of your mind, there are other things you need to consider. Driveways provide a place to park your car, mud-free access to your home, add thousands to the value of your house, and you may even get a better price on your car insurance.

But, what else should you consider when choosing a new driveway?

1. Material

The driveway’s material affects all other considerations here so it will be your most important choice. Your driveway material choices include:

2. Style

Much of the style of the driveway is determined by the material. If you are looking for a traditional driveway, you could opt for paving stones; however, these are expensive and prone to weed growth between the cracks. An alternative is imprinted Creteprint driveways. These are imprinted with a pattern representing bricks, blocks, or paving, with a wide range of colours from brick red to slate or granite greys.

If cost is a factor, you could choose black tarmac, which will blend into any setting. You could also opt for a resin driveway, available in colours and textures that give everything from a plain to an ultra-modern look.

It would help if you further considered how many vehicles you need to park. If you are a multi-car family, you can choose a double-wide or double long driveway, although the latter will mean moving cars around when the first car on the driveway needs to be used. To reduce the risk of scratches on your car’s paintwork, you might also like to factor in extra-width if you have kids with bikes or a teenager with a moped.

3. Maintenance

Maintenance is a critical consideration because as much as you want to enjoy looking at the driveway, you don’t want to be doing this on your hands and knees, pulling up weeds. Weeds are the most significant tick against loose driveway materials, such as gravel or stone.

Moss growth is possible on non-permeable driveways, such as concrete or tarmac. If moss growth occurs, you can kill it using weed killer available at garden centres and DIY stores.

Stains, including those created by engine oil, brake fluid, or rust, might be unavoidable, but you can tackle these with a pressure washer.

4. Drainage

A permeable driveway prevents standing water and your drains from overflowing. Permeable options include gravel, block, and resin driveways.

Non-permeable driveways over 5m square require a drainage system and cannot be laid or connected to your existing drainage system without planning permission from your local council.

5. Decor

Your new driveway will be the focal point of the front of your home, and many decor options exist. You might want to include edging or kerbs that contrast against the driveway’s colour. You might also want to add motion-activated security lights or create a desirable ambiance with light posts or ground lights. Trees and bushes look nice but refrain from planting these too close to your new driveway; else, the roots may cause damage years down the line.

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