How To Make Your Driveway More Eco-Friendly

Your driveway is one of the first things you and visitors will see when they approach your house. First impressions and curb appeal are essential, and your drive is a crucial element. However, it’s not all about looks; environmental impact is vital for any home improvements. Eco-friendly driveways are a great way to add a sophisticated look to your property while also choosing a finish that is sustainable and friendly to the environment.

Choosing eco-friendly driveways can help you preserve your home and surroundings in the long term, enabling you to save money on maintenance costs. So if you are looking to update the look of your property and want to feel good about the renovation, eco-friendly driveways are the way to go.

Choosing The Right Material

A popular choice for eco-friendly driveways is permeable and porous paving. If you have a traditional-looking home or want a classic look for your driveway, permeable concrete pavers are an excellent choice, however, the gaps are prone to weed growth. The pavers give you a solid surface to park on, but the gaps let water drain through. Sandstone bricks, natural stone pavers, and other permeable paving come in a choice of colours, making it easy to find the perfect match for your home.

If you are looking for a typical driveway design, porous cement is a great choice when looking into eco-friendly driveways. Porous or permeable concrete has less, or none, of the sand and other fine materials used in standard concrete. It results in small gaps that allow water to drain through the surface, and it is ideal if you want a more environmentally friendly finish than regular concrete.

The latest eco-friendly driveway solution and one that ticks all the right boxes is resin driveways. The resin is mixed with a wide choice of aggregates with a wide range of colours. The result is a permeable solution that lets water drain through it, while creating a barrier that weeds cannot grow through. These driveways typically do not need planning permission and are SUDs compliant.

Other eco-friendly driveways materials include crushed seashells, locally sourced gravel, or sand. While inexpensive and easy to install, these do require more upkeep than porous concrete or permeable paving for driveways. New materials and environmentally friendly driveway systems are an excellent way of adding value to your home while protecting the environment. 

Making The Most Of Your Environment

When it comes to choosing the best eco-friendly driveways, as it does with any home improvements, it will depend on your budget and personal preferences. Your home exterior, surrounding homes, and local regulations for driveway installations can all affect the materials that are best for your drive.

The UK has a lot of rainfall, making drainage a critical issue when installing a driveway. If you choose a less porous material for your drive, you may also need driveway swales or drains to ensure water drains away correctly and protects your property.

The latest eco-friendly driveways offer an excellent finish both aesthetically and as protection for the surrounding areas. A long-lasting, high-quality driveway surface will enhance the look of your home and is more sustainable, saving you money and hassle in the long term. Whether you are looking for a new driveway installation, an update to your existing drive, or an eco-friendly driveway, an option is available to suit your budget and style.

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