How To Protect Your New Driveway From The Heat This Summer

If you have a new driveway, you will surely want to protect it from the heat this summer. This form of driveway maintenance is something you should do regardless of the material, be that Creteprint, imprinted concrete, tarmac, or resin bound.

Erect Shade Sails

Shade sails are a cloth solution that provides shade and keeps the driveway surface cool. Keeping the surface cool is important because the hotter the material gets, the softer it becomes. As a result, it becomes prone to marking from vehicle wheels, especially in the first few months after installation.

Shade sails also offer secondary benefits, such as keeping your vehicles cool. With an abundance of glass, the interior of your car can quickly become its own greenhouse if it sits in the sun. This is particularly advantageous if you or guests come and go through the day.

Plant Tall Trees

Shade sails aren’t everyone’s preferred look, so tall trees or bushes are a natural alternative. There are considerations to make, or you may end up adding to your driveway maintenance rather than taking tasks or issues away.

The first thing to consider is if you want an evergreen tree. These trees are often slower to grow, so you will need to buy a tall tree or wait for it to grow. However, it will not lose its leaves each autumn, so there will be less driveway maintenance in the form of sweeping. A tree that sheds its leaves can be a good solution if you want the winter sun to warm your home.

When planting trees, do not place them too close to the driveway, or over time they may start to lift or break the surface as the roots establish themselves. Also, remember that trees will grow and lean towards the sun, and considering this is essential in deciding the best position or side to plant them on.

Seal Cracks

Filling and sealing cracks is vital for the longevity of your driveway. You should take action early so that a small problem does not become a large one. When conducting driveway maintenance, it should be performed on a dry day. Furthermore, this should be conducted by a professional if you do not have previous experience.

Water Your Driveway

If scorching temperatures are expected, you can water your driveway with a hose to cool it off. If you have a lawn by your drive, you can adjust the sprinklers to wet the drive as well. You must still abide by any hosepipe or sprinkler restrictions if they are announced.

Choose A Light-Coloured Surface For Your Driveway

This may be too late if you have a new driveway in place. However, if you are planning for a new one or having a refurbishment, you could consider a light colour. As this will reflect heat and keep the surface cool.

Concrete and resin-bound driveways offer many colour choices. We can even install tarmac driveways in colours other than black.

You can further protect your new driveway during hot weather by not parking heavy commercial vehicles on it. Another tip is to ensure that tyres are not too close to the edge. You can also refrain from moving equipment with sharp elements, such as a lawnmower, over the surface.

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