5 Tips To Keep Your Resin Driveway Looking Brand New

A new resin driveway can be genuinely transformational when it comes to the space in front of or aside from your house.

A resin bound driveway is perfect for anyone who wants to remove or minimise maintenance tasks. However, any driveway surface needs a little care if you’re going to keep it looking brand new.

General Cleaning

A resin driveway is made using gravel or other aggregates of various colours, shades, sizes, and textures, mixed into a powerful and strong resin. The strength of the resin makes it highly unlikely that any material will become loose or separated. However, an occasional sweep is still highly beneficial.

Leaves and other debris may fall or blow onto your resin driveway. Particularly with organic waste, mud, and soil, it is a good idea to sweep these away. If they are left on the surface, then moss or weeds can sprout on them, with roots potentially penetrating the resin and loosening its components.

Hosing the surface down with a garden hose or jet washer is another option. You should, however, only use moderate water pressure and refrain from using extremely hot or cold water.

Installation Aftercare

Immediately after installation, you should ensure nothing touches the resin while it cures and hardens. Animals, people, or vehicles could leave an imprint if the surface is used straight away. During the first few days following the installation, you should be extra careful not to spill chemicals on the surface, which may stain or degrade it.

Winter Care

Resin driveways are less prone to ice formation. However, if ice forms, you can break it down using white rock salt. Remember to wash traces away once temperatures rise. Do not be tempted to use warm water because this freezes faster than cold water.


A resin driveway is weed resistant, so they are unlikely to grow and break through from beneath. However, as we stated in our general resin driveway cleaning tips, they could seed on top of the surface. It is best to remove these as soon as possible to prevent any damage. If you use a weed killer instead of hand removal, ensure the product is adequately diluted to avoid staining or discolouration.

Reduce Tyre Marks

The most effective approach to reducing tyre marks on your driveway is to avoid turning the wheels of vehicles while they are stationary. Whenever possible, drive straight on or off the drive or only turn the steering wheel once the car has started to move.

If you mark your resin driveway with tyre marks, you can wipe these using white spirits. You should follow this by washing the surface down with an emulsifier and fan-assisted pressure washer.

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