How Much Weight Can A Resin Bound Driveway Take?

A resin driveway is undeniably good-looking and tough, becoming increasingly popular with discerning home and commercial property. When it comes to colour choice and aesthetics, a resin bound driveway stands out ahead of the alternatives. But what about its structural integrity?

Here we look at the strength and flexibility of resin bound gravel and what weight a resin driveway can take.

Perfect For Multi Car Households

The hardness of the stone, along with the formula and ratio of the resin, dictates its strength and stretchability. In fact, a resin driveway is one of the hardest wearing. It can be formulated to efficiently meet the demands of multi-car households or heavy load-bearing cars and vehicles.

The shape of the driveway is not restricted in any way. Allowing for curves and angles makes it easier than ever to further maximise and extend your driveway space for parking one, two, or three cars. That extra space can also be invaluable for facilitating the passing of parked vehicles by bicycles, mopeds, or motorbikes, lessening the risk of accidental paintwork scratches or dings.

We have already touched on the excellent looks and aesthetics of a resin driveway. However, it is worth pointing out that the resin includes a UV stabilising ingredient, ensuring fading from the sun’s rays does not occur. It is also permeable, which helps prevent puddles or flooding. Unlike non-permeable driveways, it has the extra benefit of not requiring planning permission.

The Correct Resin Depth For Your Driveway

The correct depth for your driveway is determined by the expected weight of the vehicle or vehicles that will use it. The typical weight of a car is 1.5 tons, and for larger vans, 3.5 tons. A driveway with resin the depth of 15mm to 18mm can be used by vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tons. Making it the perfect driveway solution, even those who park a fully-loaded van, caravan, motor home, or heavy cars.

If you have vehicles over 7.5-ton, the depth of the driveway can be increased to support the extra load. By strengthening the driveway by adding depth, even heavy commercial vehicles can use the space.

It is crucial to remember that a resin driveway must be installed on a suitable sub-base or foundation. Our driveway technicians are able to survey any existing driveway to determine its suitability. If no driveway already exists, then our professionals can lay a suitable sub-base.

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