The Benefits Of Having A Resin Driveway Installed

The front of your home is one of the most important spaces. It offers access to your home, provides a place to park vehicles, and gives the first impression to visitors before they even knock on your door. Making the decision of which type of driveway to choose is crucial. Your options include tarmac and Creteprint, but should a resin driveway be at the top of your list?

Here we look at the benefits of having a resin driveway installed, and the facts make it quite clear why resin is such a popular material.

Why Resin Is Such A Popular Material

Whether you are renovating an existing driveway or starting from scratch, a resin driveway gives you:

  • A range of colours and design flexibility – If you want to put your stamp on the exterior of your home, then you want access to different colours. The aggregates used in a resin driveway fulfil this need, and you can add further interest through a design that incorporates bespoke curves and borders of alternating colours.
  • Water permeability – A resin driveway is permeable to air and water, which allows rainwater to drain away, putting puddles and standing water problems well into the past. Furthermore, the porous nature of a resin driveway means that it conforms to the government’s Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDs), and because of this, you do not need planning permission. You will enjoy a prompt installation without planning office delays, mountains of paperwork, and sleepless nights wondering if you will get the go-ahead.

Further reasons why resin is such a popular material include:

  • Anti-slip finish
  • UV resistance provides colour stability
  • More eco-friendly compared to concrete
  • Frost resistant
  • It can be laid over a suitable existing surface
  • A seamless finish
  • Patterns, shapes, and numbers can be included in the design

Aftercare & Durability Of A Resin Driveway

Once a resin driveway is installed, the future looks just as bright as the finished design. Your new resin driveway will have a long lifespan and is:

  • Hard-wearing – A resin driveway gives you a smooth surface that is hard-wearing. The smoothness is appreciated by those who use pushchairs, wheelchairs, or walkers, and the durability means no loose stones, pothole formation, or cracking.
  • Low maintenance – A resin driveway is one of the lowest maintenance surfaces and minimises all those tasks you hate, such as sweeping loose stone or removing mould or weeds.
  • Stain-resistant – A resin bound surface is resistant to oil and petrol spills.

There is a lot to consider when deciding on a driveway material, but our professionals are here to answer any questions you may have.

If you are looking for aftercare or a free no-obligation quote on a new resin driveway, please contact our team on 01543 322322.


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