Everything You Need To Know About Your New Tarmac Driveway

A poor driveway choice can negatively affect the overall look of your property and its value. So, it is essential to choose the right driveway material and contractor. A tarmac driveway is a perfect choice for many residential homeowners and small businesses, particularly if the price is a buying factor.

Here we look at what tarmac is and the benefits that you will enjoy if you choose a tarmac driveway.

What Is Tarmac?

Tarmac is the standard and popular term for concrete asphalt. Concrete asphalt is a mixture of aggregates, such as sand and stone, and asphalt, a by-product of crude oil. The asphalt is heated up, the aggregates are added, and the mixed product is then transported to the installation location, where it is laid and compacted to create a durable and robust surface.

The process of installing a tarmac driveway might include excavation, dropping the ground level to a suitable depth to ensure longevity and resistance to movement from the ground below. Before the tarmac is laid, edging is installed to prevent the edges of the drive from crumbling away. There are various edging options, including timber and concrete kerbstone products.

To maximise strength and aesthetics, the tarmac driveway consists of two pours. The base layer is made using larger and more coarse substrates to add strength. The top layer is made using finer substrates to create a smooth and beautiful finish.

The Benefits Of A Tarmac Driveway

Tarmac is an amazing product with many benefits that include:

  • Low cost – A tarmac driveway is one of the most cost-effective products on the market and even cheaper than straight concrete.
  • Quick installation – No one wants weeks of disruption, mess, and being forced to park on public streets. A tarmac driveway is laid in almost no time at all. Within five to eight hours of being poured, the tarmac will cool, dry, and harden, ready for walking on and parking your vehicles.
  • Durability – This composite material is used on roads and motorways across the world because it is durable. Properly installed, a tarmac driveway can cope with the weight and stresses caused by heavy vehicles and weather extremes such as cold and hot temperatures and heavy rainfall.
  • Less snow and ice accumulation – If you have ever sat at work looking out the window as snow begins to fall, then thoughts of getting home and being able to get on your driveway will likely cross your mind. Because of the tarmac’s dark colour, it absorbs more heat during the day compared to concrete, which helps lessen the accumulation of snow and ice.

A tarmac driveway is not something you can lay yourself because of the specialist equipment needed for its installation. The most crucial factor in the potential lifespan of the driveway is correct installation. Therefore, you should always choose a reputable driveway installer with plenty of experience.

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