Tips To Maintain Your New Imprinted Driveway

Imprinted driveways make a fantastic impression when they are installed. Boosting the kerb appeal and the value of your home, it is not surprising that so many people are opting for a concrete imprinted driveway, especially with the vast range of colours, patterns, and designs.

However, as the months, seasons, and years begin to pass, your thoughts should turn to maintaining the driveway to ensure it stays in tip-top condition. While a sweep with a stiff-bristled brush and an occasional wash down does wonders, you can (and should) take a few extra steps to maintain the appearance and prevent issues such as cracking.

Resealing Your Imprinted Driveway To Avoid Cracks

To keep imprinted driveways in good condition, and most importantly, to avoid cracks, you should reseal the surface once every three to five years. The sealer plays an essential role in preventing cracks from forming, creating a waterproof barrier between the elements and the concrete.

The most significant risk to imprinted driveways is dampness seeping into the structure after rain or snow. When temperatures dip to freezing, the moisture in the concrete begins to freeze. As water freezes, it expands, potentially forcing the surface to crack. The sealer prevents water from getting into the concrete and also works as a high-tensile protective layer that takes daily wear instead of the imprinted surface.

When resealing imprinted driveways, you have a choice of finishes that include silk, matt, and gloss. You can choose your preference and either restore the original look or change it up with a different finish. Many driveway maintenance professionals recommend silk for new driveways and matt for older ones. It is also possible to add a colour tint when sealing older driveways, but we recommend speaking to one of our technicians for further advice before recolouring.

To get the best results when resealing imprinted driveways, always apply two coats, with time to dry in between. Choose a UV-resistant and non-yellowing sealer to resist harsh rays of sunlight.

Keep Your Imprinted Driveway Looking New

If cracks have appeared in your pattern imprinted concrete driveway (PIC), it is time to carry out driveway maintenance. The gap can be filled using a special crack repair compound, followed by resealing.

Staffordshire Driveways has a reputation for carrying out the best quality of work using the best products and materials. We understand that carrying out driveway maintenance tasks can feel daunting, but we are here to give you the support and help you might need.

Our team of experts understands the best approaches to remedial works, whether it is resealing, filling potholes, or dealing with tree root incursion or ground subsidence.

For advice or assistance with maintaining your new imprinted driveway, please contact our team of experts on 01543 229143.


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