How To Identify The Issues With Your Current Driveway

Modern driveway materials and installation techniques have pushed their durability and longevity to new heights. However, driveway damage can still occur or develop and might be caused by heavy vehicles, weather extremes, and subsidence. When driveway damage occurs, homeowners and businesses will want to know how to identify the issue and determine if they need a new driveway or if driveway repairs will suffice.

Can It Be Repaired Or Do You Need A New Driveway?

Here we reveal which problems require driveway repairs and those that indicate that a new driveway is needed.

Driveway Cracks

Driveways cracks are often the result of thermal contraction and expansion, mainly where one extreme includes temperatures below freezing. Some driveway materials are more prone to cracks than others, but the good news is that driveway repairs on asphalt surfaces, and others can be made to match the existing driveway colour and tone.

Tackled with early driveway maintenance, it is possible to stop cracks growing and avoid the costs of replacing your driveway in the near future.

Driveway Potholes

If a small pothole develops, then driveway repairs can solve the problem by filling them. It is vital to tackle the problem sooner rather than later to prevent a small pothole from becoming a significant and more expensive repair.

Driveway Subsidence

Subsidence can occur over time due to natural ground movement or as a result of poor installation and insufficient tamping down. If not addressed straight away or in severe subsidence cases, a new driveway may be your only solution.

Driveway Flooding And Puddles

Flooding and puddles might be a problem if your driveway surface is uneven or develops potholes. Your driveway maintenance should include sweeping the water away as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Driveway repairs include levelling the uneven surface

Driveway Bumps

If sections of your driveway begin to rise and form bumps, then tree roots might be the culprit. A driveway installation and maintenance firm should be consulted with a site visit to determine the best remedial action.

Driveway Moss, Algae, And Weeds

The growth of moss and algae can be a problem on some surfaces, particularly as they age or after they have been repaired. When moss and algae appear, they can be removed by brushing or water jetting. After this, and once the surface has dried, it should be resealed using a UV-resistant and non-yellowing sealer.

Weeds can be removed by hand before repairing cracks. If you have a driveway construction that naturally has gaps, such as with block paving or gravel driveways, then the only way to prevent future weed growth may be to lift the existing surface to lay a weed barrier membrane before relaying the existing blocks or gravel or installing a new driveway.

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