What Is The Difference Between Creteprint Imprinted Driveways And Block Paving

Creteprint driveways, also known as an imprinted driveway, and block paving driveways are popular on homes up and down the country. Adding kerb appeal and a functional place for parking vehicles, a good quality driveway will add value to your home and welcome visitors.

Unlike plain concrete and tarmac, design creativity can be unleashed with plenty of different finishes, textures, and colours. Creteprint driveways can mimic the look of blocks or bricks or take on numerous other intricate styles, patterns, and designs. Also, concrete tends to last longer than tarmac, making it a more robust and durable choice.

So, what are the pros, cons, and differences between imprinted Creteprint driveways and block paving, and which should you choose?

Block Paving Driveways

Block paving driveways consist of hundreds of individual blocks that are laid to a predetermined pattern. You can choose blocks made from different materials, each with its own colour and characteristics.

The block paving material can be slightly stronger than the concrete in an imprinted driveway. However, as time goes by, and depending on the quality of the installation, the blocks might begin to separate. They can become uneven, loose, and permit weeds to grow through the cracks. Vehicles can cause the blocks to sink, but even heavy rain can cause a degree of subsidence over time.

The price of block paving is often higher than Creteprint driveways due to the amount of time it takes to lay each individual piece. The main maintenance with a block paving driveway is sweeping the surface, removing weeds and moss, and levelling blocks that move or sink.

The individual blocks allow water to drain into the ground through the cracks. In contrast, with an imprinted driveway, drainage will need to be considered and required according to government regulations.

CretePrint Imprinted Driveways

Creteprint driveways are a brand of pattern imprinted driveway that is poured over a suitable base/foundation. The concrete is colored to your choice, and while the concrete is still wet, the pattern is imprinted to create a wide range of different looks.

The concrete imprinted driveway will not separate like block paving or allow weeds to grow through because you have a single continuous surface. The installation is quick, which helps to keep costs more reasonable, often bringing in a final price that is half that of a block paving driveway. Maintenance is rarely needed, but you will extend the life of Creteprint driveways if you have the surface resealed every two to four years.

Whether you opt for block paving or concrete imprinted Creteprint driveways, installation is one of the most critical factors in getting the finish you will love and a long-lasting driveway.

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