How A Driveway Increases The Value Of Your House

Adding value to your home is always an excellent decision and an investment that will pay you back, sometimes many times over if you sell your house. A new driveway will increase the numbers you get for your house valuation, and you get to enjoy the beauty and convenience until the day you decide to move.

The aesthetics of your driveway can make or break first impressions and can be the difference between getting lots of viewings and enquiries or none at all. Furthermore, with more cars on the road, parking availability is a significant consideration for home buyers, so if space exists and you do not have a driveway, adding one will drive your property valuation skywards.

According to the Homebuyer Habits Survey, 84% of the public said they would not buy a house without a driveway. Also, only 44% of the people were bothered about having a garden. So, if it is a choice between a driveway or a garden, the choice is clear.

Getting The Right Driveway For Your Property

You will want to choose a driveway type that fits your budget. Your location, size of the driveway, and the construction material will all affect the cost of installation.

The look of your driveway is vital, with tarmac, Creteprint, and resin bound surfaces offering dramatically different effects. Tarmac is smart but will not do much for your home’s kerb appeal. Creteprint and resin bound surfaces, on the other hand, open up colour, texture, and pattern choices, creating a more desirable aesthetic front of the house.

What Impacts The Value A Drive Can Add

How limited street parking is in your location can affect the value a drive will add to your home. House prices with a drive are higher when parking restrictions are in place. If your streets do not have limitations, they might in the future as councils continue to introduce these across the UK rapidly.

The condition and quality of the installation also play a crucial role. Driveways in need of repair or without sufficient drainage will not do much for your home’s value or desirability. This makes permeable materials that are strong and durable a good choice, with resin bound driveways being an excellent example that fulfills these needs. Resin bound drives are also SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant and do not require planning permission, saving you time and money.

If you are wondering what my house worth is, then you will be interested to know that the right driveway can add up to 10% to your home’s valuation. For the average UK house, a drive can add up to £23,000 to the property’s value. A two-car driveway will push your home’s valuation to its maximum, as more two-car families exist in the UK.

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