The Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Driveways

Many homeowners and business owners are not aware of eco-friendly driveways and the benefits they offer. The traditional way of thinking may first have you thinking about impermeable materials such as concrete or tarmac; however, better options exist.

Environmentally friendly driveways must provide benefits and value to the environment in multiple ways. Furthermore, if you are to make an intelligent investment, then eco-friendly driveways also need to fulfil your core needs, including:

Durability: The surface needs to be hard-wearing to withstand everyday use. You need a finished installation that will not erode over time or become easily damaged. The structure will need to support the full weight of vehicles, including heavy industrial vehicles while resisting cracking and chipping,
Permeability: You need a drive that does not flood when a heavy rainstorm hits, which could washout planting areas located along the sides. A porous surface is an essential characteristic for premises with a sloped driveway.
Aesthetics: Your new drive needs to be level, have no potholes, and resist encroachment by weeds and grass. textures, colours, and patterns are also vital components of creating a beautiful surface that matches the style of your home or neighbourhood.

Environmentally Friendly Driveways

Eco-friendly driveways should work in harmony with nature. However, you can’t park your car on grass or bare earth, which would be muddy and prone to surface ponding.

Eco driveways give you a clean solid surface that is recognised as sustainable because it allows rain and other liquids to safely disperse through their permeable surface and into the ground below. They must not block the water’s natural flow into the dirt and soil beneath, which gives them the added benefit of being less likely to accumulate surface ice.

The porous construction of eco-friendly driveways ensures pollutants no longer run off into drains that feed straight into lakes, rivers, and streams. Instead, pollutants are naturally filtered by the earth beneath.

Eco-friendly driveways are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) compliant, meet government regulations, and do not require planning permission.

Which Driveways Are The Most Eco-friendly

When you choose an eco-friendly driveway, you are not only making a green choice, but you will save money on deep excavations for installing a drainage system. Your finished product will look fabulous without the need for manholes or gullies.

Grid systems are eco-friendly and are created using recycled plastics, with holes filled by gravel or grass seed. However, they are not for everyone, and their aesthetics are extremely limited.

On the other hand, resin-bound driveways are green solutions with the stylistic freedom to choose the colour, texture and follow the curves of even the most winding entranceway. Resin bound driveways unencumber the rain’s natural passage directly into the earth below.

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