How Long Is It Before I Can Drive On A New Driveway?

Getting a new driveway is an exciting prospect for a homeowner or business owner. However, you will need to put that excitement aside and resist walking or driving on the new driveway until it has time to dry and harden (cured).

So, how long do you need to wait before you can drive on a new driveway and what affects installation and drying time?

Factors The Effect Installation & Drying Time

The scale of the groundwork and the size of the area to be surfaced will both affect the installation time. Sometimes, the existing surface can be used as a foundation, whereas excavation work may be needed on other occasions, and a foundation needs to be made or replaced.

The weather plays its part on drying times and groundwork. It is best for a new driveway to be laid during dry weather, and when it is warm, drying times are shortened.

You will also need to factor in whether or not you need to apply for planning permission. Some driveways, such as resin-bound driveways, are SUDs Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems compliant and do not need any planning permission at all, bringing your completion date forward.

Resin Driveways

A resin-bound new driveway is created using a transparent resin to which washed aggregates such as gravel or stone are mixed. These are quick to lay, usually onto an existing solid base, such as concrete or asphalt.

When can I walk on a new resin driveway?: After 4 hours
When can I drive on a new resin driveway?: After 24-48 hours

Tarmac Driveways

A new tarmac driveway provides a skid-resistant surface, and installation is affordable on most budgets. Tarmac is loved by many because it is maintenance-free and can be repaired relatively easily. The installation time is half that of a Creteprint driveway, and if you like the look of a smooth black surface, then this could be the driveway material for you.

When can I walk on a new tarmac driveway?: After 2-4 hours
When can I drive on a new tarmac driveway?: After 48-72 hours

Creteprint Driveways

Imprinted driveways, such as Creteprint, are extremely popular with a full set of colours to choose from and a surface that will most likely last a lifetime. Creteprint driveways are often installed, from start to finish, within a week and offer either a smooth or textured finish.

When can I walk on a new Creteprint driveway?: After 24-48 hours
When can I drive on a new Creteprint driveway?: After six days

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