Everything You Need To Know About Resin Driveways

Resin is an incredibly versatile material, so its uses are diverse. There are many resin driveways, paths, playgrounds, and patios located across the UK. Here we take a look at all you need to know about resin driveways.

So, what is a resin bound driveway? A resin driveway is made from transparent resin and washed aggregates such as stone or gravel. The resin and stone are mixed together, which binds the two materials.

Next, the resin-bound gravel or stone is poured over an existing solid base, often made from concrete or asphalt. The driveway installers spread and level the resin to create a beautiful smooth surface.

Resin-bound driveways are quick and efficient to lay. The strength of the finished products relies on the base, with the resin creating an excellent aesthetic coupled with other benefits, which we will identify later in this article.

The Uses Of Resin

Resin-bound surfaces are extremely popular, finding their way into many domestic settings, private, and public spaces. It is an excellent choice for driveways and high footfall areas.

Resin driveways are very durable and can be completed in two to three days or longer, depending on any required groundwork. A resin path can be walked on after four hours, giving you almost instant access to your property.

Resin is also suitable for wheelchair ramps and is an excellent choice for creating a resin-bound playground or resin bound patio in gardens or parks.

The Benefits Of Resin Driveways

Resin-bound surfaces are hard-wearing, slip-resistant, have no joins, and can flow freely to follow any shapes, inclines, or declines, making them great for pathways.

You can create a warm aesthetic with your pick from a vast selection of stones in different colours, sizes, and shapes.

Furthermore, you do not need planning or building permission because resin bound driveways are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs) compliant. SUDs is a government scheme that stipulates that surfaces in these instances should be porous, enabling water to drain away and prevent flooding. This is beneficial for the homeowner or business as well because it prevents puddling and large volumes of run-off. It also allows water to find its way to the roots of trees and bushes, ensuring a beautiful garden is maintained.

The resin is UV stable and provides protection from the sun’s damaging rays, and will not break down. It definitely will not melt, which would require temperatures of over 200C.

Thaw and freeze cycles are less likely to cause damage or degrade the surface, and it is less likely to ice over because surface water drains away quickly. Even under hard-freeze conditions where a thin layer of ice has been able to form, the surface retains good grip.

Finally, resin bound driveways are affordable, and they tend to be less expensive than block paving, depending on the stone used.

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