All Your Imprinted Driveway Questions Answered

If you are researching surfaces or in the market for a new driveway, you probably have plenty of questions that you need the answers to. You likely want to know the benefits of an imprinted driveway and have questions about the installation process.

Make An Informed Decision

To help you find all of the answers you need and make an educated and informed buying decision on whether an imprinted driveway is right for you, we bring all of the answers to your questions here in one place.


Why Should I Opt For An Imprinted Concrete Driveway?

A printed concrete driveway is low maintenance, lasts for years, and looks spectacular, giving your home the curb appeal you have always dreamed of.

How Long Does Installation Take?

The installation time scale depends on the driveway’s size and the amount of groundwork preparations needed. With good weather conditions, preparation usually takes a couple of days. You should account for three or four days more for framing, pouring the imprinted driveway, drying/curing, and finishing touches.

Does The Installation Of An Imprinted Driveway Cause A Lot Of Mess?

The groundwork and preparations can cause a certain amount of dust. Pouring the imprinted driveway can result in wet splashes of concrete, but our team will quickly wipe these away, ensuring your walls, fences, and garage look just as they did before the work began. During the printing and colouring, it is a good idea to keep doors and windows shut.

How Is Drainage Managed?

A drainage channel is usually installed at the lowest point, which might be adjacent to your building or at the front of the driveway. Manhole covers can be integrated into the pattern, so they blend perfectly with the overall result.

How Are The Edges Finished?

The edges can sit level or slightly raised to your lawn, with other edges retained by flexible plastic restrainers. There are many edging styles, which often add to the decorative effect of the pattern.

Will An Imprinted Concrete Driveway Fade?

Acrylic-based sealers are applied as a finish, once the colour is laid. The sealer protects the surface from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. To prevent future fading, you can reseal the driveway every few years.

How Durable Is An Imprinted Driveway?

An imprinted driveway is durable and long lasting, if it is installed correctly. Our installers ensure the sub-base is stable to prevent movement and cracking. Contraction and expansion joints also minimise the occurrence of hairline cracks.

Will I Be Able To Access My Home During Installation?

The freshly poured concrete surface cannot be walked on but our fitters provide various solutions to ensure you can still get to your front door. Access solutions can include platforms or boards and a fence panel can sometimes be temporarily removed, if needed.


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