What Can Resin Be Used For?

Resin has a superb range of applications in both residential, commercial, and public settings. If you are considering having any surface laid, then resin is an option you or your organisation should seriously consider.

The top uses for resin include:

  • Resin driveways – Resin driveways are the most common and popular use for this hard-wearing material.
  • Resin footpaths – With a smooth, flat, and anti-slip surface, a resin path will meet health and safety standards. It can be poured in any shape and follow the natural gradient of the land.
  • Resin-bound playground – You can use rubber mulch or rubber bark with resin to create a safe surface that absorbs impacts and falls. Unlike traditional bark or rubber chips, the surface will never need topping up. Resin-bound gravel can be used for heavy use areas such as cycle paths or skateboarding areas. 
  • Resin-bound patio – The strong and durable surface is ideal for patios, and aesthetically, you have many colours and textures to choose from.
  • Resin steps – You can create resin steps with contrasting colours that highlight the edges of steps to help prevent trips. The surface has a slip-resistant nature and will not puddle with water.


A Versatile Material

Resin is an incredibly versatile material that is flexible and resistant to flaking and cracking. By choosing a surface material that will not crack, you will never have to deal with weeds or grass, keeping maintenance down. A resin-bound surface only needs an occasional sweep or jet wash.

You can pour a resin-bound surface to fit any shape. It can include intricate patterns, lettering, numbers, and logos, giving it instant functionality without the need to paint and repaint markings, such as those that designate a cycle path.


The Benefits Of Resin

The benefits of a resin-bound surface are numerous and include:

  • High cosmetic appeal – Resin binds with many different materials allowing you to pick almost any colour, texture, and finish or you can dream of.
  • It adds value – A resin surface is one of the most desirable and functional options, and this means that it will increase the value of your home, business, or attraction.
  • Permeability – Resin is permeable, and this allows water to soak away, reducing flooding risks and limiting issues with standing water.
  • It is natural – Resin can be used in conjunction with natural stone.
  • Durability – The material is robust, strong, and extremely long-lasting.
  • Hard-wearing – Resin surfaces require little to no maintenance.
  • UV stable – Resin-bound gravel will not fade or yellow in the sun.
  • Stain-resistant – Spills and leaks can be jet washed away.
  • Environmentally friendly – Resin contains no solvents, so it does not cause damage to the local environment.
  • SuDs compliant – Resin is compliant with the government’s Sustainable Urban Drainage policy, is strongly supported by The Environmental Agency, and requires no planning permission.

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