How To Pick The Best Driveway For Your Home

If you are considering a new driveway, it is important to pick the right solution for your home. Your driveway is the first thing you and visitors see as they approach your house. Aside from their aesthetics and kerb appeal, they play a crucial role, giving you somewhere to park.

A new driveway is a superb home renovation that can increase the value of your house. To get the best results, ensure you use a professional driveway installation company, who can take you through the options available.

There is plenty to consider, including choosing a material such as resin, Creteprint, pavers, gravel, flagstone, and tarmac or bringing a combination of materials together. You might want to add curves or borders and choose the colour and texture of the surface.

The Benefits Of A Resin Path

A resin driveway is an extremely popular option due to the stunning looks they offer. They are quick to install with an even surface that presents a sleek look in a variety of colours. They are low maintenance and can be washed off with a hose or jet washer.

Following the government’s introduction of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) legislation in 2008, you need planning permission for non-permeable driveways of more than five square metres. These rules were introduced to reduce the strain on the mains drainage network.

Thankfully, resin bound driveways are a permeable option that effectively manages surface water and is in line with SuDs.

Types & Styles Of Driveways

How the driveway will cope with rainwater is as important as the colour, texture, and cost. Permeable options include porous asphalt, permeable block pavers, and gravel, and all have their own characteristics.

Permeable tarmac is cost-effective and durable, lasting up to 20 years, and these work well for small driveways. Resin bonded driveways are created by sprinkling small stones over the top of a resin base. These have a rough finish and are not permeable, so they may require planning permission.

Resin-bound surfaces are SuDs compliant and great for the environment. A Createprint driveway, also known as pattern imprinted concrete (PIC), is strong, long-lasting, and available in different colours and patterns.


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