Case Study: Creteprint Driveway in Brownhills West, Walsall

Here at Staffordshire Driveways, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our work and customer-first approach. To showcase this we would like to share with you work that we have recently completed on a textured Creteprint driveway in Brownhills West, Walsall.

The needs

The client had an existing tarmac gravel driveway however, it had become well-used and was overdue a refresh. There were several issues stemming from it being sloped and uneven. The largest problem was a lack of drainage which lead to flash flooding in their garage, an issue that had to be resolved quickly, especially in the British weather.

Due to the wear and tear of the tarmac, weeds were also showing through presenting a messy appearance. Overall, the customer needed a new driveway that had good drainage and a tidier more professional look, that suited them and their home.

The outcome

After assessing the customer needs and current issues, we decided to fit a new textured Creteprint driveway. This choice also allowed the customer to take advantage of our current 25% off Creteprint and Resin driveways offer, providing the best value. The largest issue was lack of drainage due to the garage being on a slope therefore we added drainage 3/4 down to reduce the chances of flooding. In addition, there were a number of old cars that would be parked here, so we chose a dark tone to avoid oil stains being visible.

We are proud of the work completed and very happy that the customer was delighted with the outcome “It was exactly what we were looking for, they took on board all of our issues, communicated well and did a great job.”

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