What is the Most Environmentally Friendly Driveway?

Many homeowners are concerned about green issues and are searching for environmentally friendly driveways. There are several aspects to consider, including choosing an option that keeps your carbon footprint as low as possible and reducing the risk of pollutants contaminating groundwater.

Because the British weather pours, you will also want to consider environmentally friendly driveways that manage water runoff during storms and prolonged periods of rain. It’s more than just a case of keeping mud at bay.

  • A resin driveway is one of the most environmentally friendly driveways and are SUDs compliant (sustainable urban drainage systems). They are more effective than other porous surfaces and allow water to soak through the surface. Pollutants are filtered out by the layers below, ensuring the groundwater doesn’t become contaminated.
  • Porous concrete is a good option if you want to match the look of others in your neighbourhood. Porous concrete contains less sand and consists of crushed stone and just enough cement to hold the surface together. This creates gaps for water drainage.
  • Traditional permeable concrete pavers let water drain off through the paving gaps, which sit on crushed stone. You can allow grass to grow through the cracks for a natural look.
  • Gravel and sand is a quick solution but requires regular maintenance. You will need to sweep loose gravel back into place, rake out tire tracks, and clear up leaves.
  • Open-celled permeable paving grids can be left empty or filled with gravel or grass. The grid construction is strong enough to support your vehicle. They are made from recycled plastics and prevent the surface from icing over.

Existing Driveways

It may be possible to lay resin-bound, environmentally friendly driveways over existing surfaces. This is a time-saving solution that also saves you money.

There are no planning requirements for these environmentally friendly driveways. They also prevent weeds, and most of the material is naturally sourced, making it one of the best eco-friendly driveway options.

New Driveways

There are no planning requirements for driveways made from porous or permeable materials because they control water runoff and prevent local flooding. If you are searching for environmentally friendly driveways, our consultants can advise you on the best eco-friendly construction.

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