How To Remove Stains From Your Driveway

A perfect and pristine driveway creates a desirable welcome home to you, your family, friends, and other visitors. However, stains can ruin your driveway’s look and catch the eye of visitors who arrive by vehicle or on foot.

Fluid stains can mark your driveway, and liquid spills during car maintenance, such as petrol, oil, or antifreeze, are easily made. Tyre marks and paint can cause an undesirable blemish, while crushed leaves can decay and mark the driveway with dark shadows.

If a spill occurs, the best course of action is to remove the stain quickly, to gain the best results. Tackling the stain as soon as you can is always the best route, and if the spill is still in liquid form, as opposed to a dried-in stain, you can use an absorbent material to soak up the fluid. You will likely have several options of absorbent material within your home or garage, such as baking soda, cat litter, or sawdust. Once the liquid has been soaked up, wash the remaining stain away with a household detergent.

How to remove oil and antifreeze driveway stains

You can remove oil and antifreeze from your drive by using a degreaser. It would be best if you allowed the degreaser to soak in for a few minutes, and you can then use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the stain, using small circular motions.

After using the degreaser, you should power wash the driveway with a pressure washer and detergent. You can mix two capfulls of bleach into ten litres of warm water for this stage. Tough stains that have been on the driveway for some time may need a rinse and repeat for a second or third time, to thoroughly remove the stain.

If you have no power washer, you can still remove the oil or antifreeze using dishwasher detergent, soap, diluted vinegar, commercial concrete cleaner, or a cleaning agent and degreaser that contains tri-sodium phosphate (TSP). If you use TSP, you should create a paste by adding water and use a long brush to work in the paste. You can now take a rest and allow the mixture to sit for half an hour before rinsing away the residue.

How to remove tyre marks from driveways

Black marks can be left by tyres when they are hot. You can tackle the removal of these stains by scrubbing them with a degreaser or chemical stripper.

If you have a concrete driveway, you should take this opportunity to reseal the driveway with a top-quality sealer to prevent future problems. Before you reseal your drive, check the weather report to ensure that rain isn’t forecast and avoid parking on the driveway for a few days afterwards.

Hiring a professional

Sometimes a do it yourself approach isn’t sufficient to remove ground-in marks and stains. If this is the case, your driveway isn’t ruined. You may just need to hire a professional contractor who has access to industrial-grade scrubbers and chemicals not available to a regular homeowner.

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