The Benefits A Creteprint Driveway Has Over Asphalt

When it comes to choosing the best material for driveways, there are several things to consider. The cost of the product is usually what first comes in to play. The cost is important but so is durability and possible maintenance requirements.

Top materials for driveways include asphalt or concrete. Each material has advantages, so how do you know which one to choose? While an asphalt driveway can be a lower cost there are some things that give concrete the edge.

Benefits of a Creteprint driveway

Asphalt can be prone to deterioration more than concrete. A Creteprint driveway gives you a pleasant look with fewer repairs over time. Imprinted concrete driveways are an excellent choice because:

  • Less maintenance than asphalt
  • Quick installation
  • Not prone to sinking
  • Weed and moss free

When you invest in a new driveway you want a hassle-free solution. With a Creteprint drive, you get a drive that goes down quickly and looks great. The printing effect in the concrete looks the same as more expensive paved driveways. Another advantage of a concrete drive is the choice you get when it comes to the colours and patterns. You can choose from natural stone colours and many more.

Patterns come in a variety of choices so you can have a driveway that is unique. The material is moss and weed-free so your drive stays looking as good as the day it was laid.

Paved driveways can give your home a fantastic look but they can be very expensive. The time and labour required for a paved driveway might push your budget too far. A Creteprint driveway gives you that same look at a lower cost. A concrete drive is much quicker to apply so it is done in much less time. As the driveway installer Staffordshire homeowners trustHome, your new driveway is in safe hands.


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