Why A Creteprint Driveway Could Be The Best Choice For You

“Nothing ever lasts forever”. That’s what Liverpool rockers Echo & The Bunnymen warned us about in their smash 90s hit. And while Ian McCulloch was correct that love, life, passion and dreams do eventually die, he obviously wasn’t aware that 20 years down the line Staffordshire Driveways would be offering our customers a lifetime guarantee on our Creteprint driveways!

Creteprint driveways are sensational. Not only do they look fabulous, they are becoming increasingly affordable and have been designed to last for decades.

As a consumer, there are so many various styles of driveways to choose from. It all depends on taste and budget, but you can choose concrete, asphalt, stone or even a resin driveway (which, along with Creteprint, we also specialise in). But today we are going to promote the benefits of an imprinted driveway and explain why you should consider having one installed at your home.

Approved Creteprint Installer

The first point we must highlight is the aesthetics of a Creteprint driveway. They look sensational. Your neighbours will assume you’ve won the lottery when they see your sleek new driveway! However, we can assure you, you will not need a Premier League footballer’s wage to get your hands on this.

Secondly, our Creteprint driveways will eliminate time spent removing pesky and persistent weeds from your property. Our experienced team will go to great lengths in the preparation stage to banish any sign of life under the site of your driveway to prevent weeds from rearing their ugly head. You will also benefit from a super-fast installation service. We have been in the driveway business for more than two decades and our team pride itself on only using the finest materials available.

Another huge bonus for opting to install a Creteprint driveway is the creative licence you can exploit to gain the driveway of your dreams. If you are looking for a specific colour of surface or texture to complement or contrast your property, we can help you select the perfect match.

Whether you goal is to have a modern driveway or a more traditional looking drive, take advantage of our no obligation quote offer. We will dispatch our professional team to undertake a free site survey and discuss the numerous options available to you. We will then give you a quote that will be hard to beat, but the  final decision will ultimately rest with you and your family.

If you like the look of our Creteprint driveways and would like to speak to one of our advisors, please call 01543 229143 or email sales@staffordshire-driveways.co.uk now.


You are guaranteed a service like no other at Staffordshire Driveways. Not only do our driveways come with a 15-year guarantee, you are also assured of the best customer service, quality materials and workmanship. Staffordshire Driveways boasts an unrivalled reputation for carrying out the best work at the best price and we promise to give you a driveway to be proud of.

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