Why Should You Choose A Resin Driveway?


Are you looking to install a driveway that’s smoother than a baby’s bum and has more style than former Manchester United and England captain David Beckham? Then look no further than the resin driveways at Staffordshire Driveways!

Resin driveways have soared in popularity over the past few decades with families up and down the country splashing the cash to transform their homes. There are several reasons why homeowners should consider opting for a resin driveway and this blog is going to convince all the non-believers why they need a resin bound driveway in their lives.

The biggest selling points of resin driveways are their permeable surface and smooth finish. At Staffordshire Driveways, our bound systems are fully permeable to air and water, which is perfect when laid over our permeable binder base coat system, creating a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDs). This enables us to create a hard landscape without the need for seeking planning permission. You also never have to worry about loose stones again as the hard-wearing resin driveway is created to be flatter than a pancake.

Another huge advantage of choosing a resin driveway is the amount of creative freedom you can enjoy. With the option of using one or multiple colours, you can create your own individually tailored borders, curves, patterns and shapes, and become the envy of all your neighbours.

Our resin driveways have also been created to cope with constant use by pedestrians and vehicles but, best of all, be low maintenance. Due to the technology used in our resin you won’t have to worry about standing water, puddles, ice or growth of mold or weeds. A regular hose down along with a sweep from a stiff brush will keep your driveway looking amazing.

For the most visually stunning driveways, you can’t go wrong with a resin driveway. Not only do they look great, they won’t fade or discolour either. But you shouldn’t just buy one simply because they look amazing, they are also great for the environment too. In fact, they are 10 times more eco-friendly than concrete so you’d be doing your bit for the future of the plant by opting for a resin driveway.

Aesthetically pleasing, great for the environment and cheaper than other block paving options, what’s not to love about a resin driveway?

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